Target Market

Recipe to Riches serves up vital PR & Marketing lesson

Last night’s Recipe to Riches on Channel 10 provided an important reminder to any business, PR, or marketing team when it comes to developing a brand and communications plan.

The importance of defining and understanding your audience.

One of the  contestants Rose Bonfa makes gluten-free almond meringue biscuits and was discussing her product’s branding and messaging with the show’s ‘Ad man’ David ‘Nobby’ Nobay.

Nobby asked her to define the product’s target market. She gave a raft of different answers – coeliacs, health-conscious people, foodies, kids etc.   He asked again, but this time got her to prioritise the most important audience.

Her answer was foodies.  From that point on they were able to create a name, visual look and feel for the brand and packaging, plus develop the messaging. Rose went on to become the eventual winner of the show.

It reminded me of a conversation I had with a developer at a recent #SMPerth networking event. He’s invented an app and is having problems getting his product talked about. We asked who he was trying to reach – he said my target market is global.

It is great he is so ambitious but the target market needs to be clearly defined. If you know who you audience is, you’re able to:

  • Understand their pain points and how your product / service addresses these
  • Learn about their attitudes towards your product / service and what would engage them
  • Craft messages and activity that directly relates to them
  • Identify the best channels to communicate with them

Essentially when I’m defining a target audience for a client, I think about:

a)      Those who can take action for or against the company
b)      Those that can influence what the audience thinks and does

From there I go on to articulate exactly who the audience is and what we want them to know, say, or do. For more advice, here’s a good basic approach to defining your target market –

On a side note, Recipes to Riches is a brilliant platform for Woolworths.  Like many people, I’ve headed there straight after a program to get a taste of the previous night’s winning recipes.  Well played Woolies marketing team.

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